Fun Story – Two friends

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Two friends were camping together. Their names were Jim and Tim. Tim was
very lazy. The first evening of their holiday, Jim said to Tim, ‘Here’s some money. Go and buy some meat.’
‘I’m too tired,’ answered Tim. ‘You go.’ So Jim went to buy the meat.
When he came back, he said to Tim, ‘Now, here’s the meat. Please cook it.’
But Tim answered, ‘No, I’m not good at cooking. You do it.’ So Jim cooked the
Then Jim said to Tim, ‘Cut the bread,’ but Tim answered, ‘I don’t want to,’
so Jim cut the bread.
Then he said to Tim, ‘Go and get some water, please.’
‘No, I don’t want to get my clothes dirty,’ Tim answered, so Jim got the water.
At last Jim said, ‘The meal’s ready. Come and eat it.’
‘Well, I’ll do that,’ answered Tim. ‘I don’t like saying “No” all the time.’