Fun story – A Big party


One of Nasreddin’s rich neighbours gave a big party one evening, but he forgot to invite him. Nasreddin waited and waited, but no invitation came, so at last, when the party had already begun, he took a piece of paper, folded it, put it in an envelope and took it to his neighbour’s house. ‘I have a very important letter for the host,’ he said to the servants at the door. The servants took him into the big room where everybody was eating, Nasreddin gave the letter to his rich neighbour and at once sat down and began to fill his mouth with food. The host looked at the envelope, but there was nothing on it, so he said, ‘Are you sure that this letter is for me? There is no address on it.’ ‘Oh, yes,’ said Nasreddin, ‘and there is no writing inside it either – because it was prepared in a hurry.’