Fun Story – English history

tui khi chen hangDave’s class at school were studying English history, and one day their teacher said to them, ‘Well, boys, on Friday we’re all going to get on a bus and go to Conway. There’s a beautiful castle there, and we’re going to visit it.’ The boys were very happy when they heard this.
‘Now, has anybody got any questions?’ the teacher asked.
‘How old is the castle, sir?’ Dave asked.
‘It’s about seven hundred years old, Dave,’ the teacher answered.
‘What’s the name of the castle, sir?’ another boy asked.
‘Conway Castle,’ the teacher said.
On Friday the boys came to school at 9 o’clock and got into the bus. They
visited Conway Castle, and then they came back and went home.
‘Well,’ Dave’s mother said to him when he got home, ‘Did you like the
castle, Dave?’
‘Not very much,’ Dave answered. ‘The stupid people built it too near the