Fun Story – Learn to cook

tui khi chen hang

Two years after Tom and Elizabeth married, they went to live in a small flat
in a big city. They were both quite young: Tom was twenty-six and Elizabeth
was twenty-two. Tom worked in a bank, and Elizabeth worked in a big office.
Elizabeth always cooked the dinner when they got home, and when they
had meat, Tom always cut it up when they sat down to eat.
While Tom was cutting the meat up one evening, Elizabeth said to him,
‘When we were first married, Tom, you always gave me the bigger piece of
meat when you cut it, and you kept the smaller one for yourself. Now you do
the opposite: you give me the smaller piece and keep the bigger one for
yourself. Why do you do that? Don’t you love me any more?’
Her husband laughed and answered, ‘Oh, no, Elizabeth. It isn’t that! It’s
because you’ve learned to cook now!’

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