Fun Story – No money

tui khi chen hang, air bag for container, dunnage air bag, giay chong ri vci, waxed paper

A man went into a bar, sat down, called the barman and said to him, ‘Give me a drink before the trouble starts.’
The barman was busy with other people, so he did not say anything, but he
gave the man the drink, and the man drank it quickly. Then he put his glass
down, called the barman again and said to him, ‘Give me another one before the trouble starts.’
Again the barman was too busy to say anything, so he gave the man his drink and went away. The man drank that too, and then again he called the barman and said to him, ‘One more drink before the trouble starts, please.’
This time the barman was not very busy, so when he brought the man his
third drink, he said to him, ‘What trouble are you talking about?’
The man answered, ‘I haven’t got any money.’