Fun Story – Young policeman

tui khi chen hang

Jack had a small, red car, and he liked driving it very fast. This was all right when he was out in the country, but in towns and big villages driving fast is dangerous, so there is always a speed limit. In Jack’s country it was fifty kilometres an hour.
Jack often drove faster than that through towns.
One day Jack was driving his small, red car through a town when a very
young policeman stopped him and said, ‘You were driving at more than fifty
kilometres an hour, sir. Please give me your name and address.’
Jack looked at the young policeman carefully for a few seconds and then said
to him, ‘But I started my journey less than an hour ago!’
The policeman was new to this work and did not know the answer to Jack’s
excuse. He thought for a few seconds and then let Jack go.

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