Truyện vui tiếng Anh

Những câu chuyện vui tiếng Anh sẽ mang lại niềm vui nho nhỏ và rèn luyện kỹ năng Anh ngữ! Hãy đọc Fun Story và chia sẽ nhiều hơn!

Two rich ladies were sharing a taxi and talking about the high cost of going anywhere by taxi. One of the ladies said, ‘Taxis are terribly expensive these days. The owners get a lot of money for nothing.’ ‘Yes,’ said the other lady, ‘and the drivers get such […]

Fun Story – Sharing a Taxi

It was half-past eight in the morning. The telephone bell rang and Mary went to answer it. ‘Hullo, who’s that?’ she asked. ‘It’s me – Peter.’ Peter was a friend of Mary’s eight-year-old brother, Johnny. ‘Oh, hullo, Peter. What do you want?’ said Mary. ‘Can I speak to […]

Fun story – Under the table

Nasreddin was cutting a branch off a tree in his garden. While he was sawing, another man passed in the street. He stopped and said, ‘Excuse me, but if you continue to saw that branch like that, you will fall down with it.’ He said this because Nasreddin […]

Fun story – Cutting a branch

A man was travelling abroad in a small red car. One day he left the car and went shopping. When he came back, its roof was badly damaged. Some boys told him that an elephant had damaged it. The man did not believe them, but they took him […]

Fun story – A small red car

  An old man died and left his son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish young man, and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon he had nothing left. Of course, when that happened, all his friends left him. When he was […]

Fun Story – A lot of money

When Nasreddin’s first wife died, he married again. His second wife was much younger than he was and they often quarrelled. One evening when Nasreddin came home very late, his wife said to him, ‘I cooked your dinner two hours ago. It is quite spoiled now.’ She was […]

Fun story – A coat fell down

One of Nasreddin’s rich neighbours gave a big party one evening, but he forgot to invite him. Nasreddin waited and waited, but no invitation came, so at last, when the party had already begun, he took a piece of paper, folded it, put it in an envelope and […]

Fun story – A Big party

One evening there was a big dance at the hotel in our town. One of the guests at the dance was a man of about forty who thought he was so handsome that every girl who saw him would fall in love with him. At the beginning of […]

Fun Story – Big dance at Hotel

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When Mr Jones went to a restaurant one day, he left his coat near the door. There was nothing in the pockets of the coat when he left it, so he was very surprised when he took his coat after his meal and found the pockets full of […]

Fun story- Nothing in the pockets

Ali, who was working a long way from home, wanted to send a letter to his wife, but he could neither read nor write, and he had to work all day, so he could only look for somebody to write his letter late at night. At last he […]

Fun Story – working a long way

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Dave’s class at school were studying English history, and one day their teacher said to them, ‘Well, boys, on Friday we’re all going to get on a bus and go to Conway. There’s a beautiful castle there, and we’re going to visit it.’ The boys were very happy when they heard […]

Fun Story – English history

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One morning a man was crossing a narrow bridge when he saw a fisherman on the shady bank of the deep, smooth river under him, so he stopped to watch him quietly. After a few minutes, the fisherman pulled his line in. There was a big, fat Fish at the […]

Fun Story – Fisherman

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Two friends were camping together. Their names were Jim and Tim. Tim was very lazy. The first evening of their holiday, Jim said to Tim, ‘Here’s some money. Go and buy some meat.’ ‘I’m too tired,’ answered Tim. ‘You go.’ So Jim went to buy the meat. When […]

Fun Story – Two friends

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A man and his wife had a small bar near a station. The bar often stayed open until after midnight, because people came to drink there while they were waiting for trains. At two o’clock one morning, one man was still sitting at a table in the small bar. […]

Fun Story – Sleep Bar

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A man went into a bar, sat down, called the barman and said to him, ‘Give me a drink before the trouble starts.’ The barman was busy with other people, so he did not say anything, but he gave the man the drink, and the man drank it quickly. […]

Fun Story – No money

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A small boy and his father were having a walk in the country when it suddenly began to rain very hard. They did not have their umbrellas with them, and there was nowhere to hide from the rain, so they were soon very wet, and the small boy […]

Fun Story – Hard Rain

Dick was seven years old, and his sister, Catherine, was five. One day their mother took them to their aunt’s house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes The children played for an hour, and then at half past four their aunt […]

Fun Story – Bigger piece

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Jack had a small, red car, and he liked driving it very fast. This was all right when he was out in the country, but in towns and big villages driving fast is dangerous, so there is always a speed limit. In Jack’s country it was fifty kilometres an hour. […]

Fun Story – Young policeman

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Carol Roberts left school when she was seventeen and then thought, ‘What’s going to happen now? I want to marry a nice, young man and have children, but no nice, young men have asked me yet. Will I meet one soon, and will he want to marry me?’ She spoke […]

Fun Story – Expensive question

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Mr. Knott was a teacher. He taught in a big school in London. He lived a long way from the school, so he was usually quite tired when he got home. At nine o’clock one evening, when he was in bed, the telephone bell rang in the hall of his […]

Fun Story – Stupid man

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Mr. Yates was nearly ninety, so it was often difficult for him to remember things, but he still liked travelling very much, so he and his wife went to Spain every year. One summer when they were there, they went to visit some friends. These people had two young daughters. One […]

Fun Story – Difficult for remember

When Torn Howard was seventeen years old he was as tall as his father, so he began to borrow Mr. Howard’s clothes when he wanted to go out with his friends in the evening. Mr. Howard did not like this, and he always got very angry when he found […]

Fun Story – Father’s belt

It was Jimmy’s birthday, and he was five years old. He got quite a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful big drum. ‘Who gave him that thing?’ Jimmy’s father said when he saw it. ‘His grandfather did,’ answered Jimmy’s […]

Fun Story – Secret inside drum

John liked chocolates very much, but his mother never gave him any, because they were bad for his teeth, she thought. But John had a very nice grandfather. The old man loved his grandson very much, and sometimes he brought John chocolates when he came to visit him. […]

Fun Story – Liked chocolates

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Mrs. Jenkins went to see her doctor one day, because her heart was giving her trouble. The doctor listened to her heart carefully and did a few other things. Then he said, ‘Well, Mrs. Jenkins, stop smoking, and then you’ll soon be quite all right again.’ ‘But doctor,’ […]

Fun Story – Like fried potatoes

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Two years after Tom and Elizabeth married, they went to live in a small flat in a big city. They were both quite young: Tom was twenty-six and Elizabeth was twenty-two. Tom worked in a bank, and Elizabeth worked in a big office. Elizabeth always cooked the dinner […]

Fun Story – Learn to cook

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Mr. Leonard was twenty-three years old and not very rich. He was not married and he lived in two rooms in a small house in a city. Every summer, Mr. Leonard went down to the sea for a holiday. He stayed in small, cheap hotels, but he always wanted […]

Fun Story – Cheap hotel

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Mr. Pearce liked shooting ducks very much. Whenever he had a free day, he went out shooting with his friends. But one summer he said to himself, ‘I’ve never been to the mountains. My holidays are going to begin soon, so I’m going to go to the mountains […]

Fun Story – Shooting deer

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Mr. Day was a teacher at a school in a big city in the north of England. He usually went to France or Germany for a few weeks during his summer holidays, and he spoke French and German quite well. But one year Mr. Day said to one of […]

Fun Story – Trouble with Geek

Rose left school when she was seventeen years old and went to a college for a year to learn to type. She passed her examinations quite well and then went to look for work. She was still living with her parents. A lot of people were looking for typists at […]

Fun Story – Deal salary

Miss Green was very fat. She weighed 100 kilos, and she was getting heavier every month, so she went to see her doctor. He said, ‘You need a diet, Miss Green, and I’ve got a good one here.’ He gave her a small book and said, ‘Read this […]

Fun Story – Only diet at lunch time

english fun story
One morning Mrs. Perry said to her husband, ‘Jack, there’s a meeting of our ladies’ club at Mrs. Young’s house at lunch time today, and I want to go to it. I’ll leave you some food for your lunch. Is that all right?’ ‘Oh, yes,’ her husband answered, that’s […]

Fun Story – Tin of fish

Betty Brown was five years old, and her mother wanted her to begin going to school, because she wanted to start working in an office again. A month before the beginning of the school year Mrs. Brown began telling Betty about school. ‘It’s very nice,’ she said. ‘You’ll […]

The first day at school

english fun story
A history teacher was talking to his class about the ancient Romans. ‘They were very strong, brave people, and they were good soldiers,’ he said. ‘They always wanted to have strong bodies, so they played a lot of games.’ ‘Did they like swimming?’ one of the girls asked. […]

Fun Story – History teacher

One day a man went to see his doctor and said to him, ‘I’ve swallowed a horse, doctor, and I feel very ill.’ The doctor thought for a few seconds and then said, ‘All right, Mr. Lloyd, I’ll help you. Please lie down on this bed.’ The doctor’s nurse […]

Missing Horse

Mrs. Williams lived in a small street in London, and now she had a new neighbour. Her name was Mrs. Briggs, and she talked a lot about her expensive furniture, her beautiful carpets and her new kitchen. ‘Do you know,’ she said to Mrs. Williams one day, ‘I’ve got […]

Husband is a dishwasher

english funny story
Dave married, and when his new wife saw the clothes in his cupboard, she said, ‘Dave, you have only got one good shirt. The others arc very old, and they’ve got holes in them. I’m going to buy you a new one this afternoon.’ Dave liked his old […]

New wife

Fanny and Ethel worked in the same office, and, they were neighbours at home. Fanny was rather a careless girl, and he often lost things. Then she usually went to Ethel to borrow more from her. Ethel was a kind girl, but she sometimes got tired of lending things […]

The careless girl

Elementary Stories for Reproduction
Jack was a young sailor. He lived in England, but he was often away with his ship. One summer he came back from a long voyage and found new neighbours near his mother’s house. They had a pretty daughter, and Jack soon loved her very much. He said to […]

Girl and parrot